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"Freedom Works And We Need Each  Other."  Dr. Thomas C. Rustici 


   About Dr. Rustici

Dr. Thomas Carl Rustici

Professor of Economics

George Mason University

Office: (703) 993-1137


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**********MEDIA INTERVIEWS*********

Liberty Speaker Series - Thinking the Unthinkable


"Thinking The Unthinkable"


Library of Economics and Liberty: Smooth Hawley and The Great Depression

Stafford Virginia Tea Party Speech Part 1

"Tearing Down The Wall"

Goldline American Advisor

Stafford Virginia Tea Party Speech Part 2

"Tea Party Speech - April 10, 2010"

Goldmoney Foundation

Stafford Virginia Tea Party Speech Part 3

Atlas Economic Foundation:  Sound Money

Thinking The Unthinkable Part 1

Thinking The Unthinkable Part 2

Radio Interview : Lessons From Depression
 Part  1  
Part  2
Part  3
Part 14
Part 15

Thinking The Unthinkable Part 3

Documents Prepared By Thomas Rustici While Senior Economic Adviser To the Ben Carson Presidential Campaign
Asset Sales - Bridging The Gap

Final Regulatory White Papers

Spending Budget White Paper

Tax Reform White Paper

Document Prep For Carson Debate

Purchase Dr. Rustici's acclaimed book "Lessons From The Great Depression" at the Book Store

Walter Williams provides endorsement for Lessons From The Great Depression , " I have long awaited Professor Rustici’s treatise on the Great Depression and the wait was worthwhile. Lessons From The Great Depression is now the definitive work that future economic historians will reference. Dr. Rustici effectually demolishes any notions that free market failure caused the Great Depression, or that wise government policy rescued America. The evidence presented in this treatise overwhelming demonstrates that government policies sabotaged the workings of the free market. In short, this is a superb work. I highly recommend it not just out of historical interest but for what it teaches us today and where our current misguided government policies are likely to take this country. If you value freedom, get this book!"

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